New Product:
Precast Hopper Bin Pads

AltaMix Concrete has developed a precast concrete pad for just about any size of grain hopper. This new age concept now gives farmers a fast and convenient way to put concrete under their hopper bins. Not only is it quick and easy, but it gives options to the farmer such as relocating their bins and concrete at a low cost, selling their bins and concrete, leasing their bins and concrete, and securing their bins to insurance standards.

Precast Bin Pads are built to exceed the standards for hopper bin foundations. AltaMix has taken the steps to manufacture every pad to meet the requirements of max tonnage for every bin size, and even to meet the weight requirements with hopper bins without steel skids

Why Precast Bin Pads are right for you.

- Engineered for hoppers with no steel skids
- Lower ground pressure than steel skids
- fast, easy, and economical
- anchor the hoppers to insurance standards
- interlocking pieces mean lower trucking costs
- cost effective delivery throughout Western Canada
- Easily move/ sell or relocate the pads in the future
- combine your concrete costs with your bin lease
- available for 14'-27' hopper bins

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17' Pad - good for 14-16' Hopper
19' Pad - good for 16-18' Hopper
21' Pad - good for 19-20' Hopper
23' Pad - good for 20-22' Hopper

Also available, 24-30' pads for larger bins.